It's better to have app in hand than information flying away

We love technology, that is why we design an app that informs us in real time about the traceability and processes of our products.

Microbiologic analysis

We continuously monitor the batches of our products to identify the presence of microorganisms that could generate some problem in the health of users of coconut fiber and we studied how to prevent their presence and proliferation in our products.


Under the strictest quality standards; During its first stage, the new raw material from producers is selected, to be subsequently passed through the cleaning, stratification, wetting, purification, mixing, drying, compaction and finally packing processes.


We select and classify the best raw materials from Colima, Jalisco, Michoacán and Guerrero, ensuring optimal care in the physicochemical characteristics of our obtained substrates. Subsequently, we pack the products according to each specific need of the producer, achieving a better performance of our products.