• Our mission

Increase producer productivity using our coconut substrate and services

  • Our Vision

We are a profitable company with reinvestment capacity, supported by a passionate staff with COIRTECH identity. We have satisfied world class customers because of our processes have international certification.

Coirtech History

  1. 1986


    A group of entrepreneurs had the great vision of making the coconut tree a whole culture and focused on the integral use of it, generating dehydrated coconut, natural fibers and charcoal.

  2. 1997


    Industries are disincorporated by individual companies and markets are focused according to the specialties of each product.

  3. 2006-2009

    New technologies

    New technologies developments are made and the market for hydroponic products grows.

  4. 2010

    COIRTECH brand foundation

    The company coirtech s.a. from c.v. conformed by 100% Mexican Capital.

  5. 2013


    Product is exported to USA

  6. 2014

    Product Innovation

    Technology is produced to introduce low compaction bags to the market.

  7. 2016

    Control processes

    The data control processes iso 9001 -2008 are introduced.

    factory is implemented in Jalisco.
    factory is implemented in Lázaro Cárdenas.
    factory is implemented in Guerrero.
    Second factory is implemented in Guerrero.

  8. 2017


    It develops and implements traceability system in our products real time with QR code.

Quality objectives

  1. Comply with 100% of the production in accordance with the customer requirements that has the world class approach.

  2. Comply with 100% of the applicable legal, regulatory and regulatory requirements within the deadlines established by each provision.

  3. Maintain a favorable organizational environment in which staff perform their functions effectively and efficiently.

  4. Perform at least 2 continuous improvements a year in the organization.

Quality policy

Satisfy our customer needs in such a way that allows them to obtain a sustained growth and comply with the applicable national and international legal and regulatory requirements of the organization, by an essential attention to human resources and according a focus on continuous improvement.


Coirtech Team

In Coirtech we have more than 150 workers committed to full compliance with customer requirements.
We produce products with high added value, aimed at increasing the productivity of the final customer's crops and continuously train the key departments in the production of the coconut substrate.